Familiar with CSR but struggle with its practical application?

Here’s the deal:

If you’re familiar with the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and can successfully differentiate between a Customer Service Representative and a CSR consultant, you are light years ahead of many.

Whether you are working in management consulting, marketing, PR, finance or ANY business role, and are passionate about CSR, you couldn’t have chosen a better time.

The need of CSR professional is at an all-time high, with many companies looking for CSR talent within their own organizations.

And since you are already ahead of the game, you can give providence a push and become the CSR maven of your company.

How is that possible?

Read on….


How to become a CSR Superstar: Some practical tips to help you get motivated.

Top 50 Sustainability Have Yous: A set of questions (50 to be precise) which highlights the various areas where a CSR professional can implement CSR in a company. Great list to go through if you are struggling to grasp the practical application of CSR. Also good for you next interview or client meeting!

The 8th Habit of exceptional CSR: This is what separates the experts from the dabblers!

How to change the world in 3 easy steps:  Some practical  ideas to get the ball rolling in small businesses, but this could also easily work for bigger companies who are dipping their toes in CSR.

So what is this CSR Thing Anyway : This article is the most comprehensive answer to the question “What is  Corporate Social Responsibility” and also the only one you need to get the gist.

Commandments of Good CSR: This  lays down some of the CSR best practices that are simple but will help you determine what constitutes real CSR and what is just PR and marketing. This will set the record straight once and for all!

Why CSR: one of the most popular posts on the website that help build the case for why CSR is important for a company as well as for the society. Keep this handy for the next time you need a quick validation for your chosen vocation.

5 Way to Jumpstart your CSR Career: Whether you want to make the jump now or wait till after you have some more CSR knowledge under your belt, this offers some interesting tips to keep in mind and start working on from now.

CSR on Your Resume: What if your existing line has nothing to do with CSR? This article explains that there are still very creative ways to position your existing expertise as  a valuable skill set for CSR


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