Working in CSR but want to step it up a notch?

This could be a mixed blessing…

Working in a Corporate Social Responsibility role in this time and age is a great experience. It offers so many areas of growth and professional gratification and now is just the right time to leverage your position as a CSR professional.

BUT (there’s always a but…)

It comes with a price; you need to have a competitive adge

You should  have access to tools and proven methods that set you apart

and be up-to-date with the latest best practices

Yes, that is challenging but that is also very very gratifying.

Also, contrary to popular belief not many CSR professionals have such tools in their repertoire

How do you get that competitive edge?

How to Pitch CSR to the management:  This post which talks about creating the business case for a CSR report has received some great feedback from all across the globe with people sing the tips given to make a convincing case for all things CSR.

How to Craft CSR Messages for Employees: create brand ambassadors from your employees through the power of CSR messaging.

How to Craft CSR messages for Media: How to change the perception of media towards your CSR programs.

How to craft CSR messages for customers: Tell them what they want to hear, this post will show you how.

How to become a CSR Superstar: Some practical tips to help you get motivated.

Top 50 Sustainability Have Yous: A set of questions (50 to be precise) which highlights the various areas where a CSR professional can implement CSR in a company. Great list to go through if you are struggling to grasp the practical application of CSR. Also good for you next interview or client meeting!

The 8th Habit of exceptional CSR: This is what separates the experts from the dabblers!

Why CSR: one of the most popular posts on the website that help build the case for why CSR is important for a company as well as for the society. Keep this handy for the next time you need a quick validation for your chosen vocation.


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