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Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me..

Who am I and Why Should You Listen To me..


How would you feel if I told you that no matter what line you are in right now, no matter what your college major, diploma or past experience, You CAN have a thriving career in CSR ..…if you are so inclined?

Sounds crazy right?

But that is exactly what I have done and that is what this nook of the internet (read: this website) is all about.

Bushra Azhar

Bushra Azhar

Hello! My name is Bushra.

I am an accountant-turned-banker-turned academic-turned CSR Consultant….. and a very good one at that.

I’m thrilled you’re here—because we’re a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to prove that this crazy world of CSR that most people often confuse with “Customer Services Representative” is actually a very viable and respectable career choice….thank you very much!

In a career that spans over 15 years, I have worked with some of the biggest names in the corporate sector including Ernst & Young International, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi Cola and the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (that last one is a joke…kind of!)


 In Real Life

I am an army brat (not really, I was actually a sweet child…and I can get away with this statement since my mom doesn’t visit here often) and was taught the importance of discipline and integrity early on. We were taught that if you don’t have your word, you have nothing and that if you lose your trust, you might as well just curl up and die. This has resulted in me being obsessive with deadlines and commitments.

I am a tolerable wife, an eccentric mom, a spicy food connoisseur, a dreadful tennis player and a social psychology aficionado.


I believe

In the power of intention

That when a person takes the road less travelled, they challenge the universe and universe loves challenges

That corporations and individuals working in those corporations have more power than all the world leaders combined when it come sot social good.

That companies can become a catalyst for social change and people can make it happen not by making the moral case for doing good, but by making the business case.

That what parents love most in life are their children and what children love most in their life are their own children.


I want to live in a world where

Meetings are short and lunch dates are long

Cake has zero calories

People only go to jobs they love and come back to families that love them

Where children….all children, are loved, cherished and revered — for the miracles that they are.


How It all Started


After I had my first child in 2006, I decided to make a radical career shift. I quit my job as a corporate VP (which made many people question my sanity) and ventured into academia while dabbing my toes in Corporate Social Responsibility.

That’s when I hit a roadblock …actually call it a boulder the size of Russia. I didn’t have access to any materials that could actually define the basic concepts; there were academic papers, lengthy guides and even articles that touched upon various aspects. But I could not for the life of me find anything that was an all-in-one.

So basically had to crawl my way through the learning curve and I am very glad that I did. The effort paid off big time in the end.

I am now based in the Middle East making a nice income, running a very successful website and working in CSR consulting….all without any formal CSR education.

I am familiar with the look of incomprehension on people’s face when I tell them what I do. So now I have a simple explanation of what I do when people ask (feel free to steal it)

Companies pay me to help them decide where to spend their money so that it helps them sell more stuff but also help as many people as possible


Now the tough bit…


How can I help you?

Glad you asked.

Because I’m part business strategist, part personal branding ninja and part CSR & Sustainability buff with a side of witty sparkle.

In short, When you hang out with me, you can be sure to receive the most innovative and highest quality CSR knowledge with expert tips on how to make it big in CSR yourself.

Aren’t you frustrated with the fact that there isn’t a single place on the Internet where you can get all your CSR knowledge in a simple uncomplicated manner? I sure am and that’s why I created this website. My uncomplicated approach to all things CSR has made this website a haven for people like you, people who see the potential a career in CSR offers but don’t have access to a resource that delivers the goods in an easy layman language.

I firmly believe that in order to make CSR a mainstream profession and to encourage more companies to adopt it, the message and concepts need to be simplified, radically. Trust me, Simple is the name of the game here.

There is a reason I have managed to get at the top of local search engine rankings with a blog less than a year old and have a LinkedIn profile that gets me more than a dozen enquiries every month. I am also making a 6 figure dollar income in a country that doesn’t even have dollar as its official currency. All because I embrace simplicity.


Lastly, thank you, thank you, thank you for stopping by. YOU are important for me and so is your success in this fulfilling career choice we call Corporate Social Responsibility.


Here’s to a thriving and fulfilling career in CSR……for good!