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CSR On Your Resume: 5 Ways

CSR on Your Resume: 5 ways

Every time I hear that a company is looking to hire a CSR person or I hear csr on ur resumesomeone say they are looking for a CSR job, I want to bang my head in a wall…HARD! Not because I think it is a futile endeavor, not by a long shot; my self-destructive behavior is driven by the knowledge that both parties are shooting in the dark, on a moving train. By only looking for people with CSR experience, companies are depriving themselves of talent that could be a great fit for CSR, yet never worked in that role. Similarly, people who despair because they believe they have no experience to land a job in this particular niche may be missing out on many opportunities that could use similar strengths or could potentially turn into a CSR function.

Below are 5 ways you can put your strengths on your resume in a way that portrays are a good fit for a CSR Sustainability related role. This is not meant to mislead but to highlight key strengths or experiences that could make you a much better fit for the role than the person who has only worked in a CSR function.


Your Experience:

Experience in dealing with communities/ stakeholders

How it makes you Suitable for a CSR Role

If you have this experience, Congratulations! You are half-way to having a full blown career in the field. One of the key components of a sound CSR strategy is stakeholder engagement and dialogue. If you have experience in dealing with communities and stakeholders in any capacity, you are already well ahead of most people working actively in the field.

Your Experience:

Experience in tracking business and industry dynamics

How it makes you Suitable for a CSR Role

Tracking trends and industry/ business dynamics, is a skill that is vital to the success of any company. If you were exposed to such work in your past roles, you can help a company stay abreast of new changes and tailor its sustainability stretch to cater to and leverage these changes.


Your Experience:

Experience in business consulting

How it makes you Suitable for a CSR Role

Consulting is essentially about listening to people and proposing workable solutions. This isn’t very different from CSR consulting and if you have consulted with other businesses in any capacity, you are on track to killing it in CSR too. By using the problem solving, issue identification and pattern recognition skills, you can become a highly sought after resources when it comes to this niche.


Your Experience:

Experience in branding and positioning

How it makes you Suitable for a CSR Role

Even though CSR isn’t about putting up a good face, in order to reap the business benefits of CSR fully, the businesses often need to have a strong communication plan that challenges existing opinions about the company and re-establishes its position as a sustainability leader. Your experience especially in similar industries could mean the difference between the success of failure of company endeavors.


Your Experience:

Experience in HR and Change Management

How it makes you Suitable for a CSR Role

If the ever-wonderful Elaine Cohen says that the role of HR is vital for CSR, who am I to argue? CSR essentially is about people, whether inside or outside the organization, whether existing or future generations. A strong CSR team would not be possible without having input from HR and without involving them in key sustainability decisions. One of the biggest challenges companies face when starting CSR is the resistance from within the organization and an experience in change management could be vital to counter such resistance.


So next time, you felt the urge to complain to the world that you can’t pursue your passion because you don’t have enough CSR experience or hear someone else say it, you know how to quiet the voices. You can also share this gem with those still sitting at the fence.

What are the other expertise areas in your opinion that could be valuable for a role in CSR and sustainability? Leave a comment down below and like always share it with people who you think would benefit from this post.

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  1. Effective implementation of CSR activities with limited funds cannot be made fully successful without the Finance Personnel who normally use tools & techniques Cost & Management Accounting to ensure cost effectiveness for maximum benefits.

    • I agree that finance is a key discipline when it comes to CSR (btw I am a finance person too :))
      That said, most organizations do not see the value of a finance professional unless they expand their scope beyond just the numbers.

  2. Ignatius Iryanto says:

    CSR need only one expertise: work with passion….in a partnership atmosphere….

  3. Vengatesh Krishna says:

    Thanks Bushranger for your interesting approach to attract the right talent to CSR and the inlaid message to recruiters to look at key skills and not the same sector experience. I agree skills could transcend across sectors provided the candidate possess the right level of inherent risk taking ability and managed changes effectively.

  4. Vengatesh Krishna says:

    Apologies for wrong spelling of your name.

  5. Spot on..

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