The Autism Threat and Where to Connect the Dots at Home- Book Review

Autism is one of those worries that all new parents have to deal with at some point in the early years. The rise in diagnosed cases of over the past few years has been alarming to say the least. The search for answers as to what could be the possible cause or trigger has been going on for years, with many controversies including the most notoriously common: vaccinations. Although the vaccine link has been conclusively debunked, doctors and parents haven’t gotten any closer to finding the right answers for what could be impacting the brain development of children. While the doctors all agree that there is a genetic susceptibility to the condition, Brita Belli in her new book claims that it could be the pairing of environmental exposures with genetic susceptibilities that may be the culprit. I talked to Belli about her book and findings in Green Prophet.

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