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Saudi Sustainability Stars: A Meeting with Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gul

Prominent among the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) community in the Middle East are … [Read more...]

GBS Good Reads: CSR, Sustainability, Literature and Life

This week has been busy and lazy (the two are not always mutually exclusive, trust me). I … [Read more...]

Victories and Mysteries: NCB Releases its Sustainability Report for 2011

Like everyone else, except for the few deathly boring ones, I love mysteries. I love how … [Read more...]

Good Business Sense is on Alltop!

Yes, it is true. We just found out that we are now a part of the Alltop … [Read more...]

3 Reasons why Carbon Offset Model Wont Work for Saudi Arabia

I think more than the star-crusted, latest fad of buying carbon credits, what KSA needs is … [Read more...]

Viruses, Germs and Errors: Why We Don’t Trust Hospitals

Healthcare service providers over the years have failed to earn the trust of their … [Read more...]

20 Second CSR Wisdom

When I first introduced that (sustainability) report—I think around 2000—I was blasted by … [Read more...]