20 Second CSR Wisdom

I think the whole subject of measurement of the effectiveness of citizenship programs and CSR activities is probably an emerging science.  We have a reasonably clear philosophy and it builds into the way in which we do stuff. Whether it’s actually in the money that we contribute but much more importantly in the thousands and tens of thousands of hours that our people contribute of their time and their energies and their skills, we harness that to places and to communities and investments and relationships where we can actually see the outcome.  So I preside over our citizenship council that evaluates the things we’re going to do, and that evaluation is geared first and foremost around what’s the outcome?  What’s the outcome we’re trying to make a difference with here?  How many people are going to be equipped with the skills to participate?  How many communities are we going to touch? 

How I Measures CSR Success– Adrian Lathja, Chief Leadership Officer, Accenture

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