10 Signs that You Work for a Good Company

  1. HR policies are real and drafted for actual humans not low maintenance automatons that never get sick, can give birth in the field (and return to work in 72 hours) and smile graciously when denied a promised bonus/ promotion etc.
  2. Your boss does not force you to compromise on your values. This means that you are not forced to charm, bribe or beg your way into or out of a deal…or a royal mess.
  3. Your customer complaint database is not a graveyard full of decaying corpses. There is a constant feedback/resolution loop that ensures all grievances are timely resolved and resolution communicated to the complainant.
  4. You don’t lie your way out of missed deadlines, delayed shipments etc. This one I know is the hardest but a good company will own up to its mistakes with a commitment to improvement and will be respected for this attitude.
  5. Your suppliers are aware of and respect your company code of conduct and vice versa. Principals of corporate decency are mostly universal so it is only a matter of having an express agreement and understanding about respecting each other’s ethical principles.
  6. Your company has a conscious focus on resource conservation and eco efficiency. No that does not just mean those three recycle bins at the entrance that no one uses and that never get emptied.
  7. You are often referred in the media for activities other than your routine business activities. And hopefully your media presence is not limited to paid-for press releases about how great you are.
  8. There is a clearly communicated code of conduct for employees and management alike and the messy/embarrassing cases regarding violation of the code are not shoved under the carpet.
  9. Your customers refer to you not as the best supplier/ consultant etc. but as the best, most professional company they ever dealt with.
    Creative Commons April and Randy
  10. You are aware of the issues and priorities of your stakeholders. You talk to them, you listen to them and you respect their opinions. Decisions taken in the company which have the potential to influence the lives of the stakeholders are taken with their consultation. Yes, you read that right, ALL business decisions, not just CSR decisions because  no matter how much you try to win their hearts through random CSR initiatives, what really matters to people is that they have a say in how a company runs its business. Needless to say, the final decisions will be based on many other variables but having stakeholder consultation as part of the mix is what makes a company truly socially responsible.

Photo Credit: aprilandrandy@ Flicker

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