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20 Second CSR Wisdom

There is a real sense of ambivalence about CSR right now. It’s like a trip to the dentist; … [Read more...]

Killing Them Softly: Importance of Non-Financial Reporting in Hospitals

“In 2010, 15,000 Medicare patients per month experienced medical errors in a hospital that … [Read more...]

Thou Shall Do Good: Seven Commandments of Exceptional CSR

If I had a penny for every time I see big names defy some of the basics of good business, … [Read more...]

Why CSR: 12 Quotes to Help Build Your Argument

Winston Churchill has been quoted as saying many times “Responsibility is the Price of … [Read more...]

10 Signs that You Work for a Good Company

HR policies are real and drafted for actual humans not low maintenance automatons that … [Read more...]

The CSR Dictionary

At Good Business Sense, we believe in simple, practical CSR and Sustainability knowledge … [Read more...]