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Corporate Social Responsibility Is Just Good Business Sense

Seven lessons I learned from my first G4 Report (Hint: No. 5 is why you should not think any more about making the jump)

Last week I wrote my first sustainability report based on the GRI G4 guidelines. This was for a Saudi business conglomerate and with this report which applied G4 at core level, they became the first Saudi company to issue a GRI checked G4 report. Despite the hugely steep learning curve and the effort it took […]

CSR Strategy Setting in One Nifty Infographic

No matter how well-intentioned company leadership is or how big the CSR budgets are, if the direction for CSR work is not set strategically, you are toast. Hop on over to see a  nifty Infographic that captures the key elements practitioners should keep in mind when setting strategies that actually deliver business and societal benefits.  […]

Is all CSR good CSR?

So you see a YouTube video by an NGO that raises awareness about a certain disease. It is all about how horrendous your death… or life could be if you were to ever contract such a disease. It closes with a few instructions on how to avoid that miserable death along with a call to […]

How to PR your CSR without Sounding like a Douchebag

So it isn’t really rocket science to get PR coverage for your CSR programs. All you need is a PR company with good press connections and you can get a story in at least a few publications. The problem is, if your story isn’t written and positioned smartly, readers tend to zone out and over […]

Do Companies REALLY need CSR Consultants?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a relatively new business discipline and its inclusion in the mainstream management consulting is even newer. As companies  embed corporate social responsibility into their businesses, the value of working with CSR consultants isn’t always clear. The first time I worked with a Saudi business contemplating CSR, what struck me most was how receptive […]

Two Fantastic (and free) tools for CSR Practitioners

So I have been away on a much awaited and probably well-deserved vacation (I say probably because my husband thinks otherwise). The picture here is where I spent part of my vacation and you have to admit, CSR is the last thing on your mind when you have this view. Now that I have managed […]

The 8th Habit of Highly Successful CSR Programs

Corporate Social Responsibility is fast becoming a discipline where the newest, shiniest, most distinctive campaign steals the show. Interestingly though the hype is often short lived, with PR driven, strategically disjointed campaigns dying their own slow death over time. A well thought out program that addresses a real social need and is strategically aligned would […]

So What is this CSR Thing Anyway?

Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility, others scoff at this antiquated term and prefer to name it Sustainability or even Shared Value. Some dispense with the “R” altogether and call it Corporate Responsibility. Still others, perhaps those still undecided about jumping onto the bandwagon  simply call it Social Responsibility. No matter what the label, the […]

How to Lose Your Credibility: Let Pew Show You in 3 Easy Steps

So Pew Centre came out with this report. The title alone was enticing enough to create ample buzz on social media. At least 20 of my contacts shared it claiming it to be awfully interesting and insightful. Well, not so much… unless you consider reinforcement of every possible stereotype about Muslims as “insightful”. It isn’t […]

30 Second CSR Wisdom: Do Consumers Actually Care?

A study conducted in 2011 by Harvard, MIT and the London School of Economics found the fair-trade certified label has a large positive impact on sales. A substantial segment of consumers are willing to pay up to 8% more for a product bearing the fair-trade label, the study found. This explains why many companies display […]